Networks Nepal Releases Beta 2.0 Version of nepalnet.NET

(Kathamandu, Nepal) - Networks Nepal Pvt. Ltd. releases its Beta version 2.0 of the website The web site's url or web address is . The web site will be tested for few months
for it's usability and compatibilty across the different platform. Nepalnet.NET Site will bring you the ranking of Nepalese site.

Before releasing the Beta version 2.0, the website went through series of beta testing. Beta test 2.0 which is in use now tests additional dynamic elements and performance final test before fully functional site. Before beta 2.0, Beta test 1.2 had a successful run. It tested improved format , automatic edit and cross platform test. The first beta testing was Beta test 1.0 which successfully tested the basic domain and format testing.

The final Beta testing would be Beta test 2.5 or 3.0 is next. The Beta 3.0 will be fully functional website.

Nepalnet.Net is part of Networks Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Networks Nepal is based in Nepal. It strives to develop computer and networks solutions for its clients. Networks Nepal plans to provide a comprehensive range of excellent value added services such as online applications development, content designing, development and hosting and E-Commerce tools. Logo: