January 2003

Kantipur Publications' NepalMag quotes our Chair

(Kathamandu, Nepal) - Kantipur Publications' , the most reputed and largest publication group's in Nepal, magazine NepalMag quotes Networks Nepal president Mr. Govinda ram Shrestha on networking in Nepal. Networks Nepal wants to thank Kantipur Publication, NepalMag and reporter Mr. Dinesh Wagle for including our view in the magazine.

The article appeared in 57th issue of the fortnightly news-magazine (January 21, 2002 - Magh 7, 2059).

Networks Nepal Pvt. Ltd is based in Nepal. It strives to develop computer and networks solutions for its clients. Networks Nepal plans to provide a comprehensive range of excellent value added services such as online applications development, content designing, development and hosting and E-Commerce tools.

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Kantipur Publication's Website http://kantipuronline.com/
NepalMag's Website

Excerpt from his quote is given below.