March 2003

Networks Nepal Website gets 1 Lakh (100,000) hits

1 Lakh  100 000(Kathmandu – Nepal). Today March 13, 2003, Networks Nepal Pvt. Ltd.’s website are celebrating another milestone with 1 Lakh hits. There were people from about 90 countries around the world who accessed the website. (CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE LIST). The total numbers of unique visitors are around thirty two thousand.

The president of Networks Nepal Mr. Govinda Ram Shrestha says “ Our visitor are visiting around 3.3 pages on average. It is a good sign because it means they are spending time on our website. They are probably spending time in our website because they find it helpful and useful.” Mr. Shrestha further added “I would also like to thank all the visitors to our website and all other websites which put our link in their website”

The hit counter was completely installed in two of Networks Nepal website and by end of June 2002. The two sites had the hit counters from late 2001 on test basis but it was totally implemented on June 2002. Most of the hits out of 1 Lakh were the hits obtained after June 2002. The same hit counter is already installed in as well.

Networks Nepal Pvt. Ltd is based in Nepal. It strives to develop computer and networks solutions for its clients. Networks Nepal plans to provide a comprehensive range of excellent value added services such as online applications development, content designing, development and hosting and E-Commerce tools.